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Beymen is one of the biggest textile & fashion companies in Turkey. Carrying more than 400 designer brands in its stores, as well as its own brands such as Beymen Collection and Academia, Beymen sustains its leading position in fashion with the value it places on innovation and creativity.


Beymen announced new promotion for tourists which provides a tax refund and price advantage. Therefore Beymen wanted to reach foreign people who are visiting Turkey, especially locations in Turkey with Beymen stores in it. Main goal of this campaign is to introduce Beymen to tourists and direct them to Beymen Stores.


In order to reach specific audience who might be interested in Beymen & Beymen products, we used audience targeting, language targeting and location targeting with a mobile only campaign. In this campaign, we worked with our exclusive partner InMobi, and crossed different targeting options. We crossed language targeting with location and interest and showed our ads to foreign people who were currently in turkey, using their phones in their languages and interested in shopping. Also we targeted people with high income using persona targeting which uses real use data gathered from SDKs.


More than 1.150.000 impression were gained in target locations and 33.510 clicks were gained. Users who have clicked the ad has spent 64 seconds on website on average which is a great result for a company that wish to increase both awareness and performance.



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