Turkish Airlines – SF Branded Content on Buzzfeed


Brand Info

Turkish Airlines is a leading aviation company based in Turkey. It operates scheduled services to more than 280 destinations globally. Turkish Airlines, the world’s leader airline according to flight destination in numbers, is continuously opening new flight destinations. Besides sectoral investments, Turkish Airlines always has been a strong supporter of cultural activities, sports and emerging markets.


Turkish Airlines opened new direct flights from Istanbul to San Francisco. Brand wanted to attract people at the two ends of the destination with a creative usage of media. The real challenge was to find a common interest for people who live in different countries with different cultures.

The Content

Turkish Airlines’ first appearance on Buzzfeed was on April 13th, with “15 Reasons Istanbul And San Francisco Are Long Lost-Sister Cities” Content’s main idea was to promote Turkish Airlines’ direct flight to San Francisco from Istanbul via suggesting similarities between these two beautiful cities.

Second content, “10 Pairs of Cities That Were Separated At Birth” was published on April 24th. Content matches big cities of the world according to their similarities. Similarities of San Francisco and Istanbul are also given in the post.

The Ads

These contents were published on Buzzfeed’s main page, Buzzfeed’s mobile app, Buzzfeed’s Travel site, and Buzzfeed’s social media channels as social thumbnails, site wide story units, sponsored content and social media shares.

Social Thumbnails

Social Thumbnails

  • Post is promoted in the Home Page of Buzzfeed both from mobile and desktop with the tagged brand name Turkish Airlines.
  • Ad frequencies are optimised for shareability and user engagement for the posts.
Social Content Seeding

Social Content Seeding

Created content is seeded in buzzfeed social networks, buzzfeed mobile app, flipboard extension and rss feeds direct to the user to created post in BuzzFeeed.com on both mobile and desktop devices.

Homepage Story Units

Homepage Story Units (Site & Mobile)

  • Post is promoted in Home Page with the tagged brand name.
  • Ad frequencies are optimised for shareability and user engagement.
  • Post is estimated to be advertised for 1,5M impressions.
Sitewide Story Units

Sitewide Story Units (Site & Mobile)

  • Post is promoted in various pages through buzzed network both mobile and web for social engagement and traffic.
  • Ad frequencies are optimised for shareability and user engagement for the post.
  • Post is estimated to be advertised for 3M impressions.


90.943 views were acquired and 33% of views were gained through social media channels. On social media, 20.239 views were from Facebook, 744 views were from Twitter and sharing on e-mail generated 8.709 views.

We have used two global brands’ power and integrated our know-how from the beginning of the campaign till the end. A prestigious media first work was done with not only a mind set of reaching KPIs but we have also raised awareness of local media and used the power of word-of-mouth.













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