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Our Philosophy

The new, connected and digital world needs an advertising agency that doesn’t have any boundaries.

We help you create innovative, engaging advertising campaigns that targets the core of your audience and your customers not only see, but talk about, engage, and connect. We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.

The lines between mediums, ad technologies, formats are getting thinner. Hence, there is no more Facebook Budget, Google Budget or Mobile Budget. There is one digital advertising budget that should be utilised between suitable mediums in accordance with targeted customers. Our Holistic Advertising Approach thrives from this fact.

We are thinkers & makers of the new connected & digital world!


Afşın Avcı

Graduated from Boğaziçi University Management Information Systems department, Afşın Avcı was awarded with Best Business Blog award in 2009, and rated as 3rd in 2010 with his blog ChatterboxTR, which brings university students and professionals together to share their experiences. His graduation project was about how political parties in Turkey utilize web.

Between 2009 and 2014, he worked as country director of Berlin based global in-game advertising company SponsorPay in Turkey. The company, which later took up the name Fyber, was sold to RNTS Media in October for 190M $. During this period, he also contributed in foundation of one of the first social media agencies in Turkey, DF Istanbul. He also worked at Yemeksepeti for a special project for four months.

From the beginning of 2014, Avcı took up the role as country director of the Paris based advertising network Kwanko, and led it through Turkish market and managed its market growth in the country.

Afşın Avcı continues his career as managing partners of social media and digital marketing agency AFI Digital, and digital media planning company Bullseye Worldwide.

Esra Asar

Esra Asar 2003 yılında Anadolu Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi’nden mezun oldu. Çeşitli sektörlerde deneyime sahiptir. Profesyonel hayatını Akbank'ta bir bankacı olarak başlatmış, 2 yıl sonra Dış Patent'te 2009-2011 yılları arasında marka ve patent danışmanlığı yapmaya başlamıştır. Finans ve yönetim konularında Zanox ve Communisis şirketlerinde edindiği kapsamlı tecrübeyi şu anda Bullseye Worldwide’ın hedefleri doğrultusunda kullanmaktadır.

Erdal Serbest

He was born in 1984. He graduated from Anadolu University, Distance Education Faculty - Economy. After working in the banking and insurance industry for 4 years, he moved into the digital advertising industry and entered a new world. After working 4 years in sales houses like Reklamz, Netbook and Genart , he worked on projects, freelance jobs because of the entrepreneurial love. Then returned to his favorite industry as a Sr.Business Development Specialist at Bullseye Worldwide.

Samet Ceylan

I graduated from Yeditepe University in Political Science and International Relations. I started working as an e-commerce specialist at Maersk Line in the last year of college. After graduation, I started to work as a Digital Advertising Operation Specialist in DigitalMarCom in the advertising industry, and later I worked as a Sales Specialist at Garanti Koza Construction Company. Since June 2017 I have been working as a Bullseye Worldwide Advertising Operations Specialist.

Selin Şen

She was born in Istanbul in 1991. She entered digital advertising world as an asistant while studying in Yedipe University - Management Information System. She has 2 years experience as an executive but in total 4 years in Digital Advertising. In that 4 years she worked and developed herself in bothside (Advertisor side ,Agency Side) of the industry and as August 2017 joined Bullseye Worldwide as an Ad Operations Specialist.

Hazal Okumuş

1990 yılında Ordu'da doğdum. Liseden gurur duyduğum bir şekilde birincilikle mezun oldum.

İstanbul Üniversitesi İşletme Bölümü'nden mezun oldum. Mezun olduktan sonra Mcd Digital'de junior dijital reklam satış departmanında çalışmaya başladım. Satış, operasyonlar ve müşteri ilişkilerinden sorumluyum.

Sonra Satış Müdürü olarak Genart Media'ya başladım. Video, görüntü ve mobil site gibi tüm ürünlerin satışından ve geliştirilmesinden sorumluydum.

Mobil reklam hakkındaki bilgilerimi geliştirmek için Mezosfer medyasında Kıdemli Satış Yöneticisi olarak çalışmaya başladım. Mobil şebekeden ben sorumluyum. Mobil reklam ve teknolojiler hakkında vardı.

Nisan 2016'dan beri Bullseye Worldwide'da Müşteri Geliştirme Uzmanı olarak çalışmaya başladım.

Nihan Özbey

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Native Advertising is the kind of advertising where your ad is being – almost – a natural part of the medium it is appearing on. Meaning, your ad doesn’t look like an ad.
 That gives you less CPS (Cost Per Sale) and CPC (Cost Per Click) and more conversions, due to getting more attention than most non-native ads today. Moreover, your target audience does not get exposed to undesired ads, instead, they consume content they like.

Bullseye Worldwide, with global partners is presenting a variety of native ad models with premium networks on all over the world which will serve to your campaign and company goals.


Digital is a part of our lives not just while surfing on internet or searching some information, people are always online when they can, also digital natives are growing and soon people who embrace digital will dominate the world.

Under these conditions digital has become the core channel instead of being a part of marketing strategy. Thus, a need of advertising agencies specialised in digital has aroused. Bullseye Worldwide, a digital advertising agency aims to fill that need with our dedicated team serving digital marketing solutions customised to any client and target group.


Increase your ROI with mobile ads! Whether you want to promote your new app or promote your business on mobile devices. To achieve that goal, instead of just advertising, we provide a wide range of target audience groups which lead to a specific behavioural and geo targeting (up to 500 meters diameter) which can be altered according to your needs.

In mobile advertising anything is possible. For branding campaigns standard and rich media campaigns will be served to specified target audience in premium websites. With our global partner Inmobi, we are able to reach almost all countries in the world with brand safe, premium network.

For performance campaigns, we serve high conversion, cost efficient campaigns and mobile advertising solutions to any kind of needs. We aim to deliver high-quality downloads, on Android and iOS devices.


People on internet are now choosing to consume contents by watching videos instead of reading. Therefore, many websites and companies are using videos in order to reach their target audience. This trend became a habit for users and importance of video advertising is rapidly increasing since.

We are offering video ad solutions according to your needs with the helps of our global partners and our know how gained from the campaigns we have run all over the world with different kinds of target audiences.


Search is the traditional marketing of digital advertising and it has great necessity for almost all brands. Because of the user friendly software and easy logic of search ads, most of the companies went towards to search ads. However, with the increasing competition in search, carrying out a low-cost, cost efficient search campaigns is requiring operations experts. We aim to reach the branding and performance goals of our customers providing them well designed, highly optimised search campaigns results in real conversions.


Social networks are places where people share their personal moments, socialise, communicate in person level and go in detail personally. Therefore, in order to reach to desired audience through these networks, a sincere touch and language should be used with right targeting at right time.

Many companies suffer from the negative social media impact as a result of poorly targeting and social media campaign design. We aim to achieve your marketing goals through social media campaigns with specific targeting and suitable campaign design sensing the needs and predicting the outcomes of campaign accompanied active optimisation and reporting.


Display ads are still the major channel of digital advertising where brands are able to present their products and offer to target audience with standard banners or rich media productions. Going ahead in display advertising requires a well designed communication strategy, flexible media plan which can be altered according to sudden changes, right placements for target audience, dedicated and experienced operation team and well quality creative.

We, as a dynamic digital advertising agency, provide you 4 of those 5 key points leading to successful display campaign. We desire to deliver best results for your digital branding and performance campaigns towards to your marketing goals.


Programmatic advertising is the technologic face of digital advertising which is still in developing in Turkey. Although most of the companies and agencies are thrilled with the idea of programmatic advertising, agencies who are able to use this technology is limited.

With our global partners specialised in programmatic marketing and using their leading technologies and our know-how, we desire to introduce programmatic advertising to your brand where data outpaces human control.

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